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Friday, March 11, 2005

Special prosecutor Appointed - Cloud over Liberal MLA

A special prosecutor has been appointed to decide whether charges should be laid after an altercation between Liberal MLA Lorne Mayencourt and a panhandler saw Mayencourt with a cut to his face.

Mayencourt has led a pretty controversial term in office and cannot seem to get any respect. The gay community is upset with him over his failure to bring in recommendations addressing homophobia in schools, Westenders in general are not happy with his publicity stunts like the week he went out camping, then there was the occasion he flashed a wad of money in his wallet at panhander and he had to rush to his car for protection, renters with pets feel he let them down after promising to to advocate for their right to have a pet then voting against an amendment by the NDP to provide that right.

The list goes on, AIDS groups are silently hoping he will get trounced in the election due his lack luster efforts to resolve their funding problems, YouthQuest and The LGBT Centre have no certainty or assurances funding will continue, in The Centre's case they have had to apply for project funding vs core funding.

Renters are now at the mercy of landlords after the residential tenancy rewrite he supported, affordable housing projects are few and far between.

What really galls many is Lorne's efforts to take credit for The Dr. Peter Centre and Mole Hill Housing.

Finally, people are ticked at the urgency with which Mayencourt places to calls he receives on his ever present cell phone. It is a common site to see Lorne in the middle of a conversation with constituents reach for the cell. Not smart.

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