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Friday, March 11, 2005

The Campbell Liberals Gave Bonus money for cuts!

Bonus points for LIBERAL deputy

I was looking for this story the other day and came across it at the Comox Public Interest Research Committee

Just a reminder for our collective memories as to the intentions of the Campbell Liberal government and just what they did!

Here is a piece of the article from Russ Francis;

But other bonus criteria smacked of the unusual:

Deputy Human ResourcesMinister ROBIN CICERI was to get a $15,400 bonus if she reduced the growthrate in disability assistance by two per cent. As well as cut the number o fwelfare recipients by two per cent during her first year.

Usually, welfare cost efficiency involves cutting off those who don'tdeserve it -- a move most citizens would support. But Ciceri's task was tocut the numbers -- regardless of demographics, eligibility or the economy. And she did! There were 123,000 fewer people on assistance last Dec. 1 than when the Liberals took office in June 2001, a 22 per cent drop. Ciceri'stotal salary and bonus: $169,400.

Read the rest here at the Comox Public Interest Research Committee

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