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Friday, March 04, 2005

Campbell Liberals redrawing history

The Campbell Liberal Government lack a sense of justice and history in their efforts to create cheaper services that operate like business. The Land Title branch is eliminating much of the access to important maps created over the years. These maps contain vital information of BC's history.

The maps are also useful in establishing the locations of first nations villages, hunting areas and trade. Without access to this information, first nations negotiators could end up missing vital information that establishes their legitimate rights.

It would be awful to think this was the reason behind the Liberals efforts to "downsize" land titles. It is more likely that they did not even think about it and now that it has been raised they are going to carry on anyway, which is worse. Open, honest and accountable government began almost every Gordon Ca,mpbell speech in the 2001 election. They have not lived up to their pre election promises.

Add this to the list of broken promises in BC.

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