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Sunday, March 20, 2005

What happened to our wilderness park

BC Parks are under attack in BC. That is not an exaggeration. The Campbell Liberal Government plan to open our parks up to privately operated developments. Developments that will change the face of our Parks forever. All of this is being done without consultation.

Perhaps retired Minister of Resort Development Sandy Santori, now running a country club in Trail knew something the rest of us did not know. Maybe Patty Sahota, the new Minister of Resort Devlopment will be able to shed more light on this policy development. It would of course be keeping wth the Campbell Liberals pre-election promise to be the most open and accountable government ever.

Be honest here, do any of you think Gordon Campbell will let British Columbians know what his plans are? We could call the Ministry of Environment I guess, they would at least be consulted on the plans to develop businesses in our Parks. Whoops, Gordon Campbell thought of that ahead of time, there is no Ministry of Environment.

caterwauls blogger opens up the issue...

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