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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Are you a worker in BC

Workers in BC are in for some big changes ...

That's what is being called for by the business lobby in BC. An editorial in The Vancouver Sun on Wednesday, April 13th from the Fraser Institute suggests BC needs major changes to labour laws.

Here is what they suggest needs changing ...

"Some changes that would improve flexibility and balance include allowing workers a choice as to whether to join and financially support a union; removing the ability of unions to impede investments in new machinery, equipment and technologies; allowing the renegotiation of collective agreements when companies are sold, and permitting the use of replacement workers during strikes."

What does this mean?
  • People will be able to refuse to be a member of a union, making it easier for the employer to encourage workers to break away and decertify the union
  • Unions will be prevented from bargaining protection and or compensation for workers when the employer brings in new technology that replaces workers
  • Workers will have to renegotiate their collective agreement every time a company is sold
  • Employers will be able to bring in replacement workers if you are on strike, meaning the company could go for months or even years making money while you are on strike.

These changes will likely limit the number of times the Liberals debate into the dark of night to pass laws ripping up contracts, they will be able to let employers control it.

Do you think the Liberals won't do this? Okay how about we sell you a railroad or maybe you would like to work in the German ship building industry, perhaps you need a job in health care making $9.50 an hour. Oh and good luck in getting your Grandmother into a care bed, you will need it.

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