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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Pains of Privatization

The Campbell Liberal's New Era has affected many...

New report outlines the THE PAINS OF PRIVATIZATION
How Contracting Out Hurts Health Support Workers, Their Families, and Health Care

"Since 2003, British Columbia has witnessed the most sweeping privatization of health support services in Canadian history. To date, 8,500 pubic sector jobs have been eliminated and the work contracted out. Pay rates for the affected positions have been cut by more than 40 per cent. The newly privatized jobs in BC hospitals and nursing homes are substandard in all respects: low pay, meagre benefits, heavy workloads, poor training, and no job security. The clock has been turned back on a sector that formerly offered good compensation, decent working conditions, and respectful teamwork."

Media release from CCPA: Wage cuts and contracting out of health support jobs harming workers and health care system: reports

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