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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

BC Liberal application of law ~ Polak style

Mary Polak (BC Liberal candidate in Langley) has done it again. Polak according to 24 hours columnist Bill Tieleman runs a company that is and has been breaking employment standards regulations. The company, Surrey's iTrend Research is used by the Campbell Liberals to identify support of voters.

It usually goes something like this ...
The company hires a worker and tells them, "Sign here agreeing to be a independent contractor." if the worker does not agree they are not hired.

This approach is used by some companies to avoid BC's Employment Standards that require employers to deduct taxes, employment insurance and CPP. Aside from defrauding workers of their rights this kind of action gives the firm a decided advantage over a company that adheres to the law and makes the appropriate deductions.
"My daughter was hired by a company that was calling British Columbian voters last year. She and her boyfriend were paid each week and no deductions were made. The calls were being made to BC residents asking them if they supported the BC Liberals. When my daughter enquired about the deductions she was told the company did not have to pay them. "

The call centre in Vancouver she was calling from closed up and both of them had their last cheque bounce. There was no way to identify the company or contact them. They just disappeared. So much for support for employment standards. Who ever hired the company to identify BC Liberal support got a week of free calls.

See Bill Tieleman's column in today's 24 Hours ...

A company run by controversial B.C. Liberal Party candidate Mary Polak is being accused of breaking employment standards' regulations by not deducting taxes from its employees or contributing their employment insurance, or Canada
Pension Plan premiums or providing vacation pay.

And the B.C. Federation of Labour says it can't even ask the local Employment Standards Branch to investigate because the regional manager is a political ally of Polak, the Liberals' Langley candidate.

What's more, employees of Surrey's iTrend Research are currently telephoning voters on behalf of B.C. Liberal candidates' campaigns.

more ~ Polak interprets rules Liberally

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