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Monday, April 25, 2005

Polak ~ the Reformer Campbell endorsed

Polak says ...
"Stephens decided to make the move to collect an MLA severance package."

Mary Polak should be the last person in the world to talk about misuse of public funds. While on Surrey School Board, Polak spent more than a million dollars trying to keep books out of Surrey schools that provided positive views of gay and lesbian families.

The social conservative Christian majority Polak led knew they would lose, but decided to fight it anyway. It wasn't her money. Students paid the price in the long and drawn out battle that created a great deal of animosity and intolerance toward gay and lesbian students.

Tolerance is not one of Mary's strong suits. Stephens retired in part because Gordo was going to have someone challenge her for the nomination. Stephens wasn't "reform" minded enough and her own distaste for some of the cuts the Campbell government implemented helped her decide not to run for the Liberals.

People in Langley have known for sometime now she was not happy and Stephens made her thoughts about Polak parachuting into Langley an open secret.

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