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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Looking for stuff on Campbell's Liberals

There does seem to be a growing number of sites out there that are putting out information and comment on the Campbell government. I have listed a few of them in the links section under "Campbell's Soup". Check them out. I often go to The Gazetteer, Have You Had Enough Yet, Strategic Thoughts, Deceive BC, Kootenay Cuts, Bear 604, (Go to the Babble Chat), caterwauls, Farmed and Dangerous and the BC Health Coalition.

I have missed some, send me an email at caribookidcaatyahoodotca and I will include them in Campbell's Soup. Alternatively you can post links to this article.

Now do you need a short and concise list of reasons to vote for some party other than the Campbell Liberals?

Here is a bit of what is at Seven Oaks magazine ...
* Hospitals have closed, waiting lists for treatments are longer, service and cleanliness within hospitals has declined, the cost of premiums has risen by fifty percent (to $108 per month for a family), the number of long-term care beds for the elderly has declined, and the conditions of work for many health care workers have drastically declined.
* One hundred and thirteen elementary and secondary schools have closed since 2001, and there are 3,500 fewer teachers. Classroom sizes are up, and there have been sharp reductions in library services and services to special needs students such as Aboriginals and the physically handicapped. A myriad of spending cuts by local school boards leave students and parents paying for many services and supplies.
* The Liberals lifted a freeze on post-secondary tuition fees that had been in place for six years during the preceding NDP government. The result has been aseventy percent rise in fees. Financial aid to needy students has also been cut.

* $881 million has been cut from the so-called misery ministries--Human Resources; Children and Family Development; and Community, Aboriginal and Women's Services. Almost 100,000 people have been thrown off the welfare rolls. Legal aid services to the poor have been cut, and eliminated altogether for family law cases. The hardest hit in these cuts have been Aboriginal people and poor women.

- see Seven Oaks Magazine for the full article!

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