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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Local MLA not Helpful says Mayor

CKNW has reported former BC Liberal candidate and Mayor of Kitimat, Richard Wozney is less than thrilled with his local MLA and the Campbell government.

ALCAN one of the world's largest producers of aluminum has shut down its production of aluminum so it can sell the massive amounts of cheap hydro the plant can generate. Aluminum productions biggest overall costs are its power usage. ALCAN has a cost advantage over many competitors because of the its access to cheap hydro power.

This does little for the local economy yet generates enormous profits for ALCAN. The Mayor met with one of Campbell's cabinet ministers today, John Les, Minister of Small Business and did not like what he heard.

Wozney told CKNW that, "its now up to his community to decide what is going to happen next, suggesting they haven't had much support from their local Liberal MLA."

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