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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Okanagan Lake Bridge (someday maybe...)

Lots of names coming out for the new bridge that the Liberals have said we were going to get right away some two years ago. It is already a year behind schedule and they have't done anything but dump a load of sand on the beach.

The people today in Pitt Meadows shouldn't put much stock in the Campbell promise to build a six lane bridge there. We have been waiting and waiting.

Seems the delay has been caused by rising steel prices and the Liberals don't have the money budgeted for the bridge. Vote online Do you like the Williams R Bennett name for the new unbuilt Okanagan Lake bridge here and here!

So names for the new bridge...

The Okanagan Lake Bridge is popular

The Golden Decade Bridge (Might be that long before we get it!)

The "Insider Trader" Bridge (can't we forget that!)

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