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Monday, April 11, 2005

Kelowna MLA's tried to hoodwink the media

No news is bad news for MLAs

"I came here as a reporter, to report on what appeared to be news of some significance," said radio reporter Phil Johnson. "Instead, the media has become part of the (May 17 provincial election) campaigning. They've moved the campaigning into the newsroom." Even the mild-mannered Kim Calloway of CKOV got into the fray, complaining that the MLAs had wasted his time. - Kelowna
Daily Courier, April 9, 2005

See also: Good 'news' turns sour

" Fellow Liberal MLA Rick Thorpe accused reporters of being cynical and negative and not wanting progress."

"Reporters were wondering why the politicians were re-announcing the project and peppered the three local MLA's with accusations the event was nothing but pre-election politics." - CHBC TV, April 8, 2005

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