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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Staff expected to keep quiet at Liberal photo-op

More news today that has government issuing gag orders to staff.

The BCGEU issued a media release today that claims Campbell Liberals are using care givers for a political announcement at the Garth Homer Centre for adults with developmental disabilities in Victoria.

Workers at the Garth Homer Centre in Victoria are outraged that they are being used as “props” in a government news conference this afternoon to announce yet another pre-election handout. The employees have been told they can not speak to the media.

“The Campbell Liberals slashed over $100 million in funding to community programs and services and forced caregivers to take significant concessions, including cuts to their wages and benefits. Some are working two jobs to make ends meet, others are looking for jobs elsewhere because the wages are just too
low. Staff turnover is high and morale is low.

And yet the Campbell Liberals have the audacity to trot workers out as props for a pre-election photo-op that is nothing more than a desperate attempt at vote-buying,” said James Cavalluzzo, who represents community social services workers around the province including the 60 workers at Garth Homer Centre .

Stan Hagen, Minister of Children and Family Development, and Sheila Orr, Liberal candidate for Victoria-Hillside, are expected to announce a $150,000 grant for an “eLearning” pilot project in collaboration with the University of Victoria at a 3 pm news conference at Garth Homer Centre today.

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