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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Hokazono takes on Liberal "Missing in Action"

Kelowna Mission NDP candidate, Nicki Hokazono
at Media Conference

From the Kelowna Capital News ...

... As for Hokazono, who was the only one to take direct aim at her Liberal opponent, incumbent minister of state for interprovincial affairs Sindi Hawkins, she questioned Hawkins' service to the riding during her time in office. Hokazono was quick say she was not referring to the time Hawkins spent time in hospital and recovering from her well-publicized fight with leukemia. But the NDP candidate said on issues such as local health care service cuts and especially the firefighters fight to get WCB coverage for certain types of cancer contracted on the job, Hawkins has been missing in action.
"It's absolutely disgusting Sindi Hawkins has not been involved in this from the beginning," Hokazono said. The local teacher said she is running for the NDP platform and to "clean up the mess left by the Liberal government of Gordon Campbell."

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