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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Green Party and NDP release platforms

Two platforms released yesterday. The Green party released theirs at 10am. The platform is heavy on new taxes and short on how to implement it. The leader admitted that electing one MLA would be a success.

The NDP released a platform as well. The platform is likely the most detailed ever released to the voters before an election. The plan highlights indicate how realigning just 1% of the current budget priorities in the plan can be made.

This election must be tough to be Green. Vote for a green candidate and re elect the Liberal in your riding. I expect that there will be more than few Greens that wil be voting for the NDP this time out to prevent the Liberals from winning.

I guess now we just wait for the Liberal program. Don't fret, whatever it says will be different from what they do. We all know what Campbell says before an election is different from what he does after.

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