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Friday, April 29, 2005

Just A Common Sense Guy

Just A Common Sense Guy
- Derrick Newman

I've never been a political guy.
I guess that's my best excuse why
I voted like I did when B.C. was electing
the Liberals. I ain't right wing or left wing.
I always sat on the fence.
Now, ladies and gents,
you might think I'm dense
or accuse me of taking leave of my sense,
but I swear I was only voting against
all those New Democrats and their fast ferry wrangles.
I really wasn't voting for Gordon Campbell.

Now I guess that what we were hoping
was that government would be honest and open,
with no broken promises and no vacation mug shots,
and no questions about how much influence Dave Basi's drugs bought.
And speaking just for myself, where'd
the cash go? My shelf's bare.
My tax cut's spent elsewhere,
like the fifty percent increase for health care.
But my youngest is just turning twelve. There's
full time work for him since Graham Bruce mangled
the child labour laws under Gordon Campbell.

I ain't been to college. I'm just a common sense guy.
Play hockey. Go fishing. A few beer on the sly.
I like a wide open space underneath a clear sky,
and I want to leave a few fish for my kids when I die.
I'm a hard-working British Columbian,
and after four years I've come to an
end of my rope.
Out here beyond Hope,
they think we've forgotten
how they treated us rotten.

But I don't want to criticize blindly.
There must be some good in them we can find. See,
you've got to admire that tough talking manly nerve of his,
picking on women's and children's and family services.
From the Kootenay glacier to Skeena's
ice floes the meanest
thing that I've seen is
this collection of Liberals. Let's keep this between us,
but I think we need that guy, Pilarinos,
who got himself mixed up in Glen Clark's sundeck scandal.
Boy, I wish he would deck that Gordon Campbell.
Let's privatize the position of Gordon Campbell.
Buy a B.C. Rail ticket out of here for Gordon Campbell.

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Derrick Newman, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, is a journeyman carpenterand hails from Vancouver Island, from folk, and from the blues. Andrew Occlesham, producer, drums, frames houses for a living. English-born, Canadian raised, he is a multi-instrumentalist and owner of Red Steps Studio. Marc Ruel, mandolin, plays percussion for the theatre group Swarm. He has traveled the world and currently starves for his music. Recorded April 24, 2005 at Red Steps Studio, Vancouver. 2005 Love and Fame.No Rights Reserved.

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