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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Right wingers not sure of the law?

Langley Politics, the excellent right winger site, ( I disagree with lots on there but Jordan does keep it updated and full of news) said this in reference to my earlier post today on the Polak run company, "iTrend"...

"Independent contracting versus employment is a sticky thing, especially for unionists. But a phoning company doesn't really have regular work--iTrend's load probably increases tenfold during elections. Should they hire these people and lay them off after three weeks? Then re-hire them eight months later, and lay them off again? Would that make the left happy?

Earlier post here - From the Heartlands - BC Liberal application of law ~ Polak style

These people are not being hired for three weeks. This operation in some form or another has been running for over a year! Finally it would not matter if they were hired for three days, three weeks or longer. The law says these people are employees. Of course it may help if you have a buddy as the local head of the Employment standards office. Not saying they did anything, just look at the 24 hour piece today.

Somewhere out there is a company calling for the BC Liberals that owes my daughter her last cheque. Could they do the honourable thing and email me with their contact information and then we can see that she is paid. A certified cheque please.

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