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Saturday, April 23, 2005

"Hypocrite of the Year"

Kamloops Thompson MLA Kevin Krueger named "Hypocrite of the Year," in the Kamloops Daily, Dec.16, 2004.

Some quotes from Kevin ...

"The way good managers deal with conduct problems is called progressive discipline. You whack them once. If they do it again, you whack them again. Eventually you turf them right out" Kevin Krueger(Hansard, July 9, 1996)
In Opposition Kevin Krueger, the Liberals most harsh critic on gambling. Krueger
brought a Grand Guignol style to his denunciations of expanded gambling, attributing every horror -- bankruptcy, suicide, abuse, family breakup, depravity -- to the casinos, gambling tables and slot machines.

But when I pressed Kruger about the apparent change of direction, never mind moral stance, he, too, proved to be remarkably flexible in his use of the language. "I don't accept that's an expansion," Krueger said in reference to more slot machines, bigger casinos, higher revenues, etc.

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