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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Boy in the Bubble misses his Salvation

Salvation Army Captain Rick Zelinksy says he didn't even know the premier was coming to town. And he says things haven't gotten better for many of the disadvantaged in Williams Lake in the past four years, saying cuts to welfare have really hurt people in the Cariboo community.
From CKNW.

Interesting. Usually the Liberals could count on the Salvation Army to be quiet, what motivated the Salvation Army to speak out this time? The Premier is suggesting BC is Back. It would seem the Salvation Army in Williams Lake thinks the Premier has turned his back on some of BC's most vulnerable.

The case is the same across BC. In Kelowna one local non-profit provided 16,000 meals in 2001. At the beginning of 2005 they expected to provide 45,000. They are revising that number now, expecting to provide more than 55,000. The stunning fact is that 20% of the meals are being provided to people that are working. Many of whom have no home to live in.

Tomorrow I will be talking to a man that has two jobs, is living in his car trying to save money for a rent deposit and first months rent.

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