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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Campbell Liberals change BC Election Regs

Campbell Liberals move to Regulate the Internet

From Strategic Thoughts ...

Elections BC promptly replied to my letter of March 30th and has said that the Campbell government is responsible for the regulations that it merely enforces.

A pdf copy of the Elections BC letter can be viewed by clicking here (888 Kb).

It is hard to say whether attempts to force selected users of the Internet to register with Elections BC is the result of an out-of-control bureaucracy at Elections BC or the consequence of intentional government policy. Read my letter, copied below, and the letter from Elections BC and judge for yourself. It is clear that the Campbell government could fix the problem with a simple cabinet order, Order in Council, that clarified the regulations.

Have you read this in the mainstream media, I doubt it. Only Joe Easingwood on CFAX is covering this story out there. David Schreck raised the concern on his blog and on Joe Easingwood's radio program.

Perhaps the Vancouver Sun, The Province and BCTV's News Hour will get to this after the election!

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