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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Straight reports "Queer Hydro Bill"

CBV Collection Services Ltd. On April 13, the caller left a message at 7:36 p.m. stating:
Michael Bishop, you’re a queer. You need to pay your Hydro bill.”

Could this happen in BC? In 2005? It did. Michael Bishop says he got the call from a CBV collector. The company first denied the caller was from CBV. Now the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority (debt-collection industry advisory group regulator) has an open file on CBV Collection Services Ltd. Oddly enough Bob Richards vice-president of CBV Collection Services sits on this committee.

BC Hydro gave CBV Collection Services Ltd. a 35 year contract. This contract like the 990 year contract to CN Rail for BC Rail seems to be put in place so as to prevent any future government from acting. Who signs such a contract today?

It appears to be another Campbell Liberal payoff to their big business buddies.

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