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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Is there a Virginia? NDP candidate Robertson wants to know

Gregor Robertson is the NDP candidate in Vancouver Fairview has told The Tyee Virginia Greene, the Liberal candidate has twice now cancelled participation in a debate.

"Greene pulled out of a yesterday’s rescheduled debate on CBC radio’s Early Edition less than 24 hours beforehand. The debate was originally scheduled for April 6, but Greene cancelled that appearance on short notice as well. Greene also disappeared from an all-candidates meeting organized by the False Creek Residents’ Association scheduled for April 11, according to Robertson, and vanishing from all-candidates meeting organized by the Health Employees’ Union members at Vancouver General Hospital." - The Tyee, April 14, 2005

This looks an awful lot like the Campbell Liberals repeat of the 2001 election when candidates refused to debate the NDP. Is this a continuation of Gordon Campbell's open and accountable representation we have seen over the last four years? You bet it is. They Campbell Liberals have made an art out of not consulting, announcing projects without input, and steamrolling any opposition.

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