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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Rafe Mair asks, What were they promised?

Taylor and Oppal, both quit high paying and better pensions behind them when they decided they would run for the Campbell Liberals. Both are denying they have been promised specific cabinet positions.

Rafe Mair tackles this absurd situation with a column at The Tyee
“M’Lord,” says Campbell, “We would like you to leave your 200 Grand plus seat on the Court of Appeal and join our band of brothers, our happy breed, in our next Crusade to Victoria on behalf of the citizens we love so well. I must warn you – may I call you Judge Oppal? – that I make no offers to you at all about cabinet posts. When you’re elected an MLA, you will be one of caucus.

After the election, and only then, will I decide who gets cabinet seats and who doesn’t. So – may I call you Wally? – you had best look at the possibility that you’ll be in that most horrible of all political posts, a government backbencher making a third of what you now make, without pension.” - Rafe Mair, April 13, 2005

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