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Monday, April 18, 2005

Banks to discuss growth in Kelowna Conference

Banks are meeting in Kelowna this week (April 20 - 22) to discuss growing custumer business. The BC banks will be meeting at the Ramada lodge Hotel to discuss strategies.

The Banks have seen rapid growth in BC at a time the economy seems to be doing well. Now most of you would not be surprised that the Banks are doing well and may even think this is a good thing for the economy.

The problem is that while regular banks are doing very well, food banks in BC tell the story of average BC families becoming members in record numbers. How can people in BC need food banks more than ever before in a province that is supposed to be doing so well? Thats a question you should put to your local Campbell Liberal Sales Affilliate.

Are there two economies in BC?

Canadian Association of Food Banks

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