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Monday, April 04, 2005

Oppal and Basi

It looks like Gordon Campbell will be announcing the appointment of another candidate, this time in Vancouver Fraserview. BC Court of Appeal Justice, Wally Oppal, is the man. I expect Campbell in his effort to seek out high profile candidates found Oppal some time ago. Oppal would likely be the AG in a Campbell Liberal government leaving Geoff Plant out in the cold.

It now appears why the long run up to Geoff Plant's retirement. It gave Plant the time to consider another job in Campbell's government and in the end there was only one job he wanted and it was clear Campbell wanted to clear the road for Oppal.

Oppal will have another duty as a Liberal Candidate, one once held by David Basi, the former Ministerial Assistant for Gary Collins and now implicated in the BC Legislative Raid and BC Rail scandals, to deliver the Indo-canadian vote as David Schreck at Strategic Thoughts points out.

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