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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Travesty in Long Term Care in BC

Longterm care a travesty - photo from the cover
of 24 Hours Vancouver, April 5, 2005

Damning report on Seniors care in BC

BC Residential and Home Health Care Restructuring 2001–2004

The study's lead author, Marcy Cohen said the situation is currently so bleak many seniors get medical help only when there's a crisis. "They end up sitting at home without any care until there's an emergency."

Seniors then stuck in acute care beds may also contribute to increased wait times for other patients seeking help at hospital emergency wards, according to registered nurse Melanie Leckovic, describing what she termed a "domino effect" told 24 Hours, a new free daily paper in Vancouver.

Cohen, who contends there is "deliberate confusion" about service levels in the province, joined with the study's co-authors to call for an immediate independent public inquiry into the state of B.C.'s long-term care services.

The situation in BC has grown much worse since Gordon Campbell and the Liberals took over in 2001. Despite promises to the contrary the Liberals have made health care for our seniors a private responsibility. More and more families are having to care for elderly parent(s) because there is no care available from government.

Want a few examples of what is happening across BC...

Broken Promise # 2 Cutbacks in ancillary services and acute care beds in Kamloops

Broken Promise # 2 - Healthcare when and where you need it

Broken Promise #2 - Vernon Hospital - No Room at the Inn

Broken promises ~ Surrey hospital and Campbell Liberals

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