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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Lorne "Uncle Tom" Mayencourt tries to defend his governments "Safe Streets Act" and suggests it led to the Mayors' Task Force on Homelessness. One is certain Uncle Lorne will try, say, do anything to get re-elected.

Tim Stevenson, my former boss has Mayencourt on the run on this issue. Stevenson, Jim Green and Mayor Larry Campbell were the people that got the discussion going on Homelessness.

From the list of unfulfilled promises of Lorne Mayencourt ...

He still has failed to answer the question put to him before the last election. Lorne was asked if elected if he would repay the people he left high and dry when he went bankrupt. It appears before his bankruptcy he made a unusually large donation to Friends for life. Good cause but what about his creditors. Lorne responded that he would send money to his former creditors if he was elected.

So my question is still this, "Did you start to repay your creditors Lorne or was this another "Campbell Liberal" like promise?"

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