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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

NDP candidate Joyce Procure - Does the right thing!

Castanet reports election sign issue in the Hurtlands

Every election political signs are vandalized. Political parties attempt to get the best locations, the best signs etc. Then someone comes along and thinks it is their right to destroy or knock them down.

Joyce Procure, a nurse running for the NDP in Okanagan Westside is like many NDP candidates. She knows signs cost money and that is hard to come by. You need to let people know who you are and signs are one way to do that. It is difficult to get the message to people that signs are not a "sign" of a well organized campaign, more aptly it is a "sign" of having money to burn!

The Liberal party almost always wins the sign wars due to the generous donations from corporations. Look up BC election spending and you will see in almost every election, the Liberals out spend the NDP by 2 to 1.

Procure came across many downed signs and then proceeded to not only put up her own signs that were vandalized but those of her opponents.

One good thing to remember. Signs don't vote, people do!

Kelowna Liberals break sign bylaw?

Another sign issue has risen in Kelowna. Liberal candidates have been accused of breaking the City of Kelowna sign by law, including Al Horning, currently a city counsellor who recently voted on a new sign bylaw. You might think he knows what the rules are given he passed the bylaw not more than a month ago!

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