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Monday, April 04, 2005

Campbell Liberals hiding BC Ferry Contract?

Poland awarded BC Ferry Contract

Thats what the BC Federation of shipyard workers are saying. BC Ferries won't say if it has awarded a 35 million contract to a shipyard in Poland to build the new ferry to serve on the Bowen Island run. The announcement of the contract may be held up until after the election.

The shipyard workers have filed a freedom of information request to find out if Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon is involved in the delayed announcement.

The government recently awarded a $500 million contract to German ship builders claiming BC ship yards could not do the work. BC shipyards were not permitted to bid. The Campbell Liberals stated they expected smaller contracts to be won by BC Ship builders.

It appears the Campbell Liberals have no intention of building ships in BC. Are you surprised? Contracting out of Medicare data and MSP services to American companies as well as the administration of BC Hydro, the Liberals are turning over many millions of dollars of profits that will leave Canada.

If I were really cynical I might conclude, "Vote Liberal and you may soon be paying a licence fee to an american company just to fly our flag."

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