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Saturday, April 23, 2005

"We did not believe them."

Gordon Campbell names a bridge after William R Bennett, better know to most as Bill Bennett convicted of insider trading on November 4, 1988.

The Tyee reports ...
"At 10:09 a.m. on Nov. 4, 1988, the head of Doman Industries called Russell Bennett, a horse rancher and Bill’s brother. Herb Doman and Russell Bennett spoke for five minutes. During that time, Herb tipped Russell that a $250-million bid for his company by a U.S. foresty giant had collapsed."

"By 10:29 a.m., 20 minutes after Herb first called Russell, Bill Bennett had sold 324,300 Doman shares."

Here is part of the judgement against former BC Premier Bill Bennett, the man who has endorsed Gordon Campbell ...
"W.R.Bennett is a former premier of the province, the son of the late W.A.C.Bennett also a former premier of the province. W.R.Bennett was interviewed by Commission staff on November 18, 1988, two weeks following November 4, when he was represented by counsel and he knew he was under investigation for insider trading."

"Some of his testimony before us is inconsistent with that evidence, where his explanation for evidence that was very clear when given on November 18 is "It's not a question I would be expecting to answer or do any research on..." and "but those would all be answers in which I was making estimates or responding ithout particular knowledge." Some of his testimony we did not believe when we considered it with the other evidence. Some of his testimony was inconsistent wwith testimony given by others where we preferred the testimony of the others."

"Based on all the evidence and our findings, we find that R.J.Bennett and W.R.Bennett conspired together and with Mills and Dunn to give their evidence to Commission staff and their testimony before us which we did not believe. Some examples follow. They testified that, apart from casual conversation, they never discussed their purchases of Doman shares. We did not believe them."

"They testified that they met in the boardroom on the morning of November 4 following W.R.Bennett's call to McNaughton to discuss the sale of their Doman shares. We did not believe them. They and Mills and Dunn testified that the ranch meeting commenced around 11 o'clock on November 4, 1988. We did not believe them."

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