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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

BC Liberals misuse Legislative Assembly letterhead

The Tyee broke a story a couple of days ago. Seems the Liberals hid a Liberal party fundraiser as a government event. They charged Municipal officials to attend. They were told to make cheques out to the BC Liberals.

NDP candidates in Kelowna Nicki Hokazono and John Pugsley demand Liberals Sindi Hawkins, Rick Thorpe and Al Horning to condemn this action.

As a former Constituency Assistant to a MLA I was told that using the office for fundraising was a big no no. That meant using the telephone, computers, paper or any other resource that was paid for by the taxpayer was off limits.

The fall guy here is the Liberal Party executive president. Who gave him the Legislative Assembly letterhead? I would think he did not have the paper, it is more likely the fundraising letter was actually produced inside the constituency office. That is a much more serious misuse.

There needs to be an investigation here that also looks at the computer harddrives and review of cell phone records.

Liberal fundraising tactics under fire

Last updated Apr 26 2005 04:51 PM PDTCBC News
VANCOUVER – The B.C. Liberal campaign has been hit by controversy over taxpayers' money paid by municipalities in northern B.C. to attend a conference, with the dollars going directly to the local Liberal riding association. more here

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