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Friday, April 15, 2005

The voters could go anywhere

2 in 3 BC Voters not sure

One thing the latest Mustel Poll has shown is that the voters in BC are not sure who they will be voting for on election day. A full two thirds have indicated that their support could change between now and a election day.

The real story here is that this poll shows the Campbell Liberals did not pick up any support as a result of the the spectacular spending spree they have been own. Last week the Vancouver Sun indicated that Gordon Campbell's Liberals have promised more than 2.4 billion dollars in new spending, a record by any standards. This last week they have added even more with 80 million in Prince George and Kelowna.

So with all the government spending you woulkd expect the Liberals would have pulled further ahead. It did not happen, voters are waiting to hear more from NDP leader Carole James. Those voters that know her like what they see, still 43% had no opinion on her in the Mustel poll. That is going to change as the election draws nearer.

James released the NDP's platform this week, likely the most detailed platform ever released by a political party in BC. It is costed out and suggests that much can be done by changing the priorities. James also acknowledged that its alot easier to tear apart things than it is to put it back together, suggesting the NDP will not be able to undo all the stuff the Liberals did.

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