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Friday, January 20, 2006

Alito - "the gospel" of the "unitary executive"

As we draw closer to our election day in Canada, Americans are less than 10 months awy from theirs. An opportunity to reverse the social conservative movement that has swept its government benches.

Still the Republican control of the House, Senate and the Whitehouse are not the biggest threat to Americans or for that matter the rest of us if Judge Alito is confirmed by the Senate.

Today the Washington Post printed some sobering words from Senator Kennedy. Kennedy had this to say ...
"Judge Alito's consistent advocacy of what he called "the gospel" of the "unitary executive" is just as troubling. Professor Steven Calabresi, one of the originators of the unitary executive theory and a co-founder of the Federalist Society, has acknowledged that if the concept is implemented, it would produce a radical change in how the government operates.

As he wrote in the Harvard Law Review in 1992, "The practical consequences of this theory is dramatic: It renders unconstitutional independent agencies and counsels to the extent that they exercise discretionary executive power."

Independent agencies, such as the Federal Election Commission, created to see that our voting laws are properly enforced and interpreted, would be subject to the president's control. "

If the American system changes to that extent, that a President is given huge powers due to a Supreme Court, already Conservative, the Democrats can kiss their collective donkey's good bye. America will will become ever more insular, guided by rich powerful elitist pastors of fame and tyranny bound.

The Democrats will likely make no more important contribution to the freedoms of Americans than the one to stop Alito. If Alito is appointed to the Supreme Court, it will not matter who wins those elections in November or 2008.

Democratic wins will be muted as Republicans that lost at the ballot box line up to file the political agenda at the court house. The executive powers of the President already abused beyond watergate, at least Nixon only bugged the Democrats, Bush is bugging the nation.

How many Americans today are worried that their calls are being monitored? Those with legitmate rights of desent and opinion are being watched, listened too. How many deals will a President make given such new powers? How many lies will he be able to tell and then hide the truth?

It is a sad time in America, many of us outside sit and watch with a grim sense of forboding? Who will he go after next? When he is talking to us, are the CIA or the FBI planning a coup? How much more can he do to destablise this world?

Yes, not only do Americans have a stake in the appointment of Judge Alito. The world does as well.

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