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Monday, January 16, 2006

Take our Money and run!

Big business in Canada, and not just the Oil companies and Banks are reaping in explosive profits. The profits of these corporations are now 14% of the GDP for Canada. Recently, business analysts have been pointing out that these same big businesses are not re-investing in new machinery, not re-investing in their workforce.

If they don't do this we will be where the US Forest industry was 15 years ago. Dead in the water, with lumber mills in BC out producing them. News of any investment seems to be non-existent. Instead we are hearing the Liberals and Conservatives talking about tax cuts for Big Business.

Now the argument might have some validity if the majority of these companies were Canadian owned and run. Then you might expect they will use the money to re-invest. Not much chance that will happen. These profits go not to Canadian shareholders but to people in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, London, Huston and Taiwan.

These folks don't need a tax cut, certainly one that does not result in them investing more into our economy. The old story that you build the road they will come is not relevant today. The road is already there but for how long. The networks, the skills, the abilities are starting to crumble.

How long will people look upon our cities like Vancouver Toronto, Regina, Calgary and Kelowna? Yes even Kelowna has a huge homeless problem. It’s not just a big city problem anymore. People won't want to settle there, to visit as a tourist. Cities with century old water and sewer lines, with potholes bigger than the hole Martin is in.

Our education system is driving students deeper and deeper into debt, we have serious skill shortages, not enough nurses and doctors. If we cut taxes for corporations that just going to take the money and run, we won't have the money to train new nurses, trades people or doctors.
We have fumbled the ball on research and development. Just a couple of days ago, Paul Martin announced a major new program for this. Like everything else in this campaign he has done, it’s without substance. The Conservatives have nothing in the platform.

If we offer the tax cut to corporations what will be left for health care? The Finance Minister is going to find it tough if he even wants to put more money into healthcare. It won't be there.

More on Senator Kirby's thoughts on healthcare soon, whom you say, the man that wants to "privatize" our health care system. Yep and he has two leading disciples, Martin and more importantly, or should I add more ominously, Steven Harper.

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