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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Joyce Murray - More Paul Martin Values

Joyce Murray is the Liberal Candidate in New Westminster -Coquitlam, while Minister responsible for environmental protection in Premier Gordon Campbell's BC Liberal government slashed hundreds of jobs and supported all of the the cuts to environment programs, a refusal to hand over data the government held on grizzly bear hunting despite a court ruling to do so, eventually supplied the data in a manner that was virtually useless.

Murray was also part of the government decision to allow the expansion of Fish Farming and the return of and or cancellation of fines levied (over a million dollars) against those same fish farms for violations of BC Law. Murray also supported the BC Liberal government's efforts to lift the moritorium on off shore drilling.

As Paul Martin attempts to convince us we share his values, Liberal candidate after candidate show us they have as much in common with Stephen Harper and the conservatives. The question then becomes, are Paul Martin's values the same as Stephen Harper's?

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