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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Liberals LAST Responders

"The NDP, who remind us that as recently as October, the House of Commons voted on a motion to set up a fund for the bereaved families of "first responders" — firefighters and other rescue workers — who die in the line of duty." – Paul Wells, "Values of convenience", January 13, 2005

The Liberals voted against this effort. Now we are in an election and the Liberals have shown up at the scene of the accident to find the NDP and Conservatives have already been there.

As with the effort to provide Workers Compensation coverage for certain types of cancer that indicates it came as a result of their work as Fire Fighters, it was the NDP that arrived first, responding to the concerns of those first on the scene at time of need. These first responders, professionals and volunteers, risk their health, safety and yes even their lives to make sure people in distress or danger get the help they need.

The BC Liberal Government refused for several years to act in protection of firefighters. They finally did during the election of May 2005, under a great deal of local and provincial fire. In Ottawa the Liberals failed to act. Now the Paul Martin Liberal’s want a piece of the action. They have arrived at the scene with a promise.

Its too late, there is no one there to listen. Too bad really, but then the whole idea here is to respond quickly, to respond when needed. It’s a good thing we have first responders in Canada that operate differently than the Liberal Party of Canada.

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