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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Right Wing Christian org goes too far

Stephen Harper attended a fundraising dinner for Defend Marriage Canada on March 31, 2005. (see photo)The dinner was Canadian Alliance for Social Justice and Family Values Association.

The organization appears to be a social conservative front for the Conservative Party of Canada. The newsletters are full of negative news on homosexuality.

The newsletter seems to have one primary concern and that is the election of a Stephen Harper government so that government will roll back same sex marriage and rights.

The group is not simply one that expresses a strong opinion on these matters, they are way out there. Case in point is the cartoon recently appearing in the organizations newsletter, reported on today by the Vancouver Sun.

The cartoons depict Prime Minister Martin having support of Nazi's and Hitler. The cartoon here is from the newsletter.

It is amazing that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives would associate with an organization that compares a Canadian Prime Minister to Hitler.

The dinner raised $15,000 for the fight against gay marriage. I presume Stephen Harper was aware the dinner was for this purpose and of the organization sponsoring the dinner. Did the Conservative Party pay for this partisan trip to Richmond BC? What did Harper say in his speech that evening? If you have a copy of his speech send it too me. Surely Raymond Chan, Liberal MP for Richmond had a mole in the crowd.

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