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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Wolf Blitzer becomes a puppy after this encounter with Howard Dean

CNN's Wolf Blitzer becomes a puppy after this encounter with Howard Dean

Update: New link to Blitzer - Dean CNN Late Edition clip/video. The link at past Peak and Buzzflash do not work. I just tried this one at it works...

The Republicans are in big trouble over the Jack Abramoff/Tom DeLay scandal.

Blitzer tries to connect the Democrats too, asking Dean if they should return money. Turns out no Democrat took money from the Republican lobbyist. But that was the point, the Republicans set up a scheme to fund Republicans, not Democrats.

In DeLay's case the Washinton Post analysis today said,

"It worked simply. On one side of the machine, a hose vacuumed the pockets of large corporations, wealthy individuals and legions of lobbyists on K Street, all instructed by DeLay to contribute only to Republicans." -
By R. Jeffrey Smith and Juliet Eilperin Washington Post

The Interview of Howard Dean by Wolf Blitzer lasted one minute 11 seconds with Wolf completly lost for words. Dean did him in big time. This link comes from Past Peak courtesy of Buzzflash. Stop what you're doing and watch this video clip.

Check out Past Peak for a complete transcript of the Dean - Blitzer exchange on CNN. It is one to keep.

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