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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Mary Pynenburg - More Paul Martin Values

Mary Pynenburg is a Paul Martin Liberal candidate running in Burnaby-New Westminster. It appears she shares some Liberal values ...,
"It must be noted that the malice was that of the defendant's employee, Ms. {Mary}Pynenburg, and that members of City Council were innocent of malice."

"Her testimony in this regard strains credulity and is belied by other circumstances." -
Supreme Court Case, January 1999. - Justice K. Smith in BC Supreme Court . He found Mary Pynenburg guilty of deliberately libeling a business person in
New Westminister while employed by the City.

Add to the fact she worked to elect Gordon Campbell's BC Liberals in Surrey during the May 2005 election, a matter of her own ethical conduct surfaced while seeking the Liberal nomination. You can read all about her use of her City of New Westminister email address and as City planner sought out personally, donations from local developers and architects, persons very reliant of favourable reviews of proposals sent to her office. Details here at Burnaby Politics.

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