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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Toss them out!

The Paul Martin Liberals deserve to be tossed, Heck there are any number of reasons. You can go back to the Liberal Redbook of 1993, the fiasco over the the helicopters where they cancelled the contract and ended up darn near paying the cost of helicopters by doing so. The end result is we stll don't have helicopters for the Military and it now takes over 30 hours of maitenance for every hour these death traps fly.

Other cuts include education. Martin slashed funding for 12 years and then it was increased last year because of an NDP budget amendment, an amendment that required the money go to reducing student tutition costs. For 12 years the Liberals promised a child care plan and at the last minute they toss one out there.

They cut funding to affordable housing in 1993 and again the first real increases in funding came this last year in the NDP budget amendment. 1.6 billion dollars.

Paul Martin also took an axe to health care funding from 1993 to 2004. He slashed it from 50% funding to 14% in 10 years! Then as an election heats up he adds a few billion, the result is the federal governmet under Paul Martin is still 10's of billions of dollars away from what he cut.

After being in power for 12 years the Liberals ignored the plight of Aboriginal Canadians. It was not until Charles Angus, and NDP Memeber of Parliament managed to make enough noise that the plight of first nations living on reserves with inadequate housing and safe water was addressed. In fact they had to send in the Military DART unit that usually goes over seas to disaster areas with water purification equipment.

Then there is all the Gomery stuff. Just how did Paul Martin not know what was going on. A few hundred million federal dollars are spent in Quebec and he as Finance Minister and the head government Minister for Quebec did not know. That is so unbelievible as to be impossible, right?.

Now we have the issue of the finance minister, Ralph Goodale. Someone leaked something about his announcement as some pretty unusual trading occured just before he made his statement. Again some insiders look to have profitted a great deal.

Lets not forget that whole whack of Liberal MP's voted against same-sex marriage. The Conservatives bore the brunt of that issue, yet 30+ of Paul Martin's Liberals joined Stephen Harper et al.

Be very aware of Liberal campaign promises. They have 12 years of broken promises. They have a formula, promise the moon, then get into office and do what the Conservatives would have done. You do recall Trudeau riding to victory campaigning against Bob Stanfield's proposal for wage and price controls. You then also know the Liberals brought them in after getting elected.

They don't deserve another term. They don't deserve our confidence. This time you can vote for the real thing. Thanks to Accidental Deliberations for the hat tip!

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