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Friday, January 20, 2006

Moore - Don't elect a guy who could win Utah too!

In case you needed another reason to get out and vote ... This comes from Michael Moore via a link from pinkocanuck.

Now I risk a bit here, My sister over at Maureen's Garden doesn't like Michael and she might just decide if he is for something she's against it. If you could do me a favour, go over to her blog and tell her nicely that Michael is a little opininated but really, he's right this time. We don't need a guy that could be elected Governor of Utah as Prime Minister of Canada. Washington State, Michigan (hey isn't a Canadian already Governor of Michigan!) maybe, Montana thats cool, but not Utah.

"...But seriously, I know you're not going to elect a guy who should really be running for governor of Utah. Whew! I knew it! You almost had me there. Very funny. Don't do that again. God, I love you, you crazy cold wonderful neighbors to my north. Don't ever change." - Read the whole article here

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