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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Harper's team goes after CHP in Saskatchewan

"He was trying to intimidate me a little bit and he was trying to, I would say, give me a little bit of a guilt trip for (running)," Dale Sanders, the Christian Heritage Party candidate, said of the phone conversation he had with Vellacott on Dec. 29. "We talked for probably about an hour. It was a good conversation. He wasn't getting nasty or anything with me but in his own political way, I believe, he was trying to intimidate me." Star Phoenix, Jan 9, 2005

Whatever the Liberals can do we can do better say the Conservatives. The attack ads, both are good at that and now it appears they both like to get the other guy out of the election. In Abbotsford the Liberal Candidate lost his party's support for trying to bribe an NDP candidate. Now a Christian Heritage Candidate say the Conservatives tried to intimidate him into quiting the race in Saskatchewan.

Two stories today on the election front. First it is discovered the Tories misled an economist they asked to review their platform and now they are accused of intimidating candidates from the Christian Heritage Party.

Why do I feel voting Conservative is like voting Liberal? I think you get the point.

The other question here is why is no big media reporting on the Saskatchewan Caper.

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