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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Liberals, Conservative vie for Springer auditions

Liberals and Conservatives battle it out for "All Canuck Week" on Jerry Springer LIVE.

Andrew Telegdi makes his pitch for the show ...
Andrew Telegdi, an incumbent Liberal is running in Kitchener-Waterloo. Telegdi it seems was President of the Federation of Students at the University of Waterloo in 1974. At the time he is reported to have said "students did not vote in a municipal election because, they want to be niggers". Now I don't know the whole story here, in what context the term was meant or used, still I expect this comment will get him in the door for an audition on Jerry Springer. Thanks for the nomination Warren and the good sports in the Conservative party war room that issued the press release.

Now it seems the "word" would get him in the door, Telegdi felt needed something more so he asked his Jewish friends to supply this quote...
"CANADA is acting like a Nazi-style regime if it deports Helmut Oberlander of Waterloo without a right to appeal a court decision against him, says Kitchener-Waterloo MP Andrew Telegdi. He derided the law by which "politicians make decisions on citizenship. That's what Hitler used to do."

He went onto add what he hopes will secure his appearance on Springer with this...
"... the current system smacks of a Stalinist or Nazi totalitarian regime and "it has no place in a country that prides itself on its Charter of Rights and Freedoms."

Helping Telegdi along ... "Is that what he said? He should be ashamed of himself," said Bernie Farber, executive director of the Canadian Jewish Congress. "Any comparison between an evil monstrosity such as Hitler and a democracy like Canada is a shameful statement." and in an unusual joint effort, the Heritage Front, Canada's largest White Civil Rights group rallied with their support of Telegdi.

In a letter to supporters Paul Fromm, Director of CANADA FIRST IMMIGRATION REFORM COMMITTEE writes...
"...When Canada is riddled with Third World whores, Tamil terrorists and Jamaican gangstas whom the Immigration department seems utterly unable or unwilling to deport, Caplan chooses to make war on German and East European immigrants -- all of them elderly -- who have never committed crimes in Canada. ..."

With people like these rallying to the defense of Telegdi, you have to wonder how many more Liberal MPs appeal to these freedom fighters. You just know Jerry Springer would fill up "All Canuck Week".

Come back soon to see who will receive the next "All Canuck Week" invitation... I am sure the Liberal War Room will be happy to supply names and background in appreciation of the Conservatives War Room's generous spirit did here.

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