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Monday, January 23, 2006

Social media in election 2006

Rob Cottingham points us to an excellent resource on the use of social media in the election in 2006.

"If you want the low-down on how the parties used social media (such as blogs, tagging and newsfeeds) in the campaign that culminates in Monday’s vote, then drop by Kate Trgovac’s site.

She has links to five articles she wrote for the One Degree internet marketing web site, analyzing each of the parties and their approach to the blogospheriverse. As befits the manager of web evolution for PetroCanada, she clearly understands what’s changed with the advent of blogging and its social kin, and she has some superb suggestions that party webmasters would be well-advised to heed." - Rob Cottingham

Wrap Up: Election 2006 and Social Media
This week, I wrapped up my series on the Canadian political parties' use of Social Media over at One Degree. Links to the articles:

Social Media and the Conservative Party
Social Media and the Bloc Quebecois
Social Media and the NDP
Social Media and the Green Party
Social Media and the Liberal Party - read more of her post here

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