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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Cheap Conservative Thrill

Ok it may have been a mistake right. We in the Okanagan are use to seeing Stockwell Day. We have seen some funny things like the wetsuit. Today Stockwell is featured online at The photo they have used is somewhat interesting. Who said the Conservatives can't be funny. See for yourself here!

Now you have seen the cheap thrill for the day.

News from the Okanagan is hard to find on the internet. Castanet is likely the best local website, they also have a lively letters section and discussion forum. Also check out the published letters at Kelowna Capital News, the local free paper. You can go to the Kelowna Daily Courier site and they might find some election news online though that is rare. Their webpage is likely among the worst daily paper websites in Canada.

The Courier webpage has no editorial and no published letters. CKOV bills itself as the the best news in the Okanagan. It is filled with short news blips from their newscasts. CHBC a TV station owned by CanWEST Global has picked up a bit in the last few months but not much in election coverage locally.

One more thing. Set up a google news alert for Kelowna. See what comes in. Likely you get news of the Kelowna Rockets and that's good, we love our Rockets. Only problem is that the news is usually from a paper outside our community. You will get news coverage of someone talking about the Kelowna Aboriginal conference, again that's only because the conference was held here. Not really Kelowna news.

Local news outlets in Kelowna need to ramp up their online presence and put some meat (protein product) there. They need to get/launch newsfeeds and tell google they are here.

Check out the local online discussion forums. Two that I travel too are Okanagan Watch Forums and Castanet Forums. The Kelowna Courier has started the Kelowna Daily Courier Blog for the Federal Election but so far only one person has posted on it since its launch two days ago. I suspect no one other than myself, some courier staff and by some freaky accident, a couple of others, have even seen it. Maybe a newsfeed would help, just a suggestion.

You can find the Kelowna Daily Courier Blog here and no charge to the Courier for this ad, its free.

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