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Monday, January 16, 2006

even if we do run a small deficit

"... even if we do run a small deficit, we do not all turn into pumpkins. The Grits were earlier trying to claim, on the basis of who know's whose numbers, that the Tories would run a "$12-billion deficit." Even if that were true, which I doubt, that's $12-billion over five years, or a little more than $2-billion a year -- they could fund it out of the contingency reserve. And even if they did not, that's $2-billion, on a GDP in excess of $1.4-trillion. That's not even rounding error. It's rounding error on the rounding error. - Andrew Coyne, an out there Conservative

It is amazing that the Conservatives would be talking this stuff. Like BC the BC Liberals got quite uppity over deficits until they got to power and guess what, even they say debt is good if its compared to the GDP. Somehow I don't think these Conservatives would be saying any debt was good if they were not the government.

The words are falling out of their mouths now, getting ready to placate the masses. Don't worry, what we said about debt and taxes before the election, that was only to help us get here.

As it appears now we can be playing this whole game all over by next Christmas. Don't throw out your lawn signs. The Liberals will have a new leader, the NDP will be the real opposition, the Harper gang will have more problems, just think of all those Haper boys from Alberta that have been Reform from the beginning. They will be seeking those Cabinat places of privillage and Harper will be doling those out to boys in Ontario.

Of course Harper might last if he supports electoral reform, national child care and doesn't give too much to the corporations. He knows that first budget will likely need the BLOC on board. Now that's just gotta hurt those boys in Alberta, first no cabinet seat and then giving money to Quebec. A tired Liberal party will fall in behind the NDP's lead and vote against a tax cut to rich oil companies and banks.

Keep the lawn sign.

Remember Joe Clark...

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