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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Too funny - He was a border expert too

By now you have heard about this Conservative candidate being disowned by Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. Derek Zeisman as you may not know was an expert on the Canada US border. He was a analyst for the Canadian Diplomatic Corps.

(photo from Derek Zeisman Conservative Candidate wepage)

From now missing webpage for this Conservative Candidate his bio states "In his capacity as a foreign service officer with the Canadian Diplomatic Corps, Derek served as a policy analyst on issues relating to the Canadian-US. border. In 2000, he was sentabroad on a two-year diplomatic posting to the Canadian Embassy in Algeria, during which time he served as first secretary for trade and development and headed up the Canadian International Development Agency’s assistance program. For his exemplary work, Derek received the 2001 Minister’s Citation for Excellence in the Trade Commissioner Service." - Google cache

CBC reported that ... "Canada Customs and Revenue Agency alleges Zeisman tried to smuggle a 1989 Mercedes-Benz as well as 112 bottles of liquor in July 2004 from the U.S. into Canada. He's also accused of lying to customs officers about the incident. If convicted, Zeisman could be fined up to $50,000 and face six months in jail.

Zeisman, who is to appear in court next month, did not tell his party about the charges, which he called "unjustified." He said the information was leaked by someone in the government who had a grudge against him. - CBC News

So after becoming an expert on Canada US Border issues Zeisman is alledged to have attempted to sneak a Mercedes Benz (Did he need the car for his work) across the border and 112 bottles of Liquor. At the time he was charged he was the constituency assistant to Conservative MP Jim Gouk.

Now if he did try to get 112 bottles across the border, thats alot of booze for one person to consume even if he was just stocking up for the year. That amount of booze however could have been destined for a party eh? A fundraiser for the Conservatives maybe? Just a thought, of course I have no idea if that was what it was intended for or not. Maybe he was just use to being a Diplomat and one needs that kind of booze and a Mecedes is what you drive.

See also CTV news ... Harper dumps B.C. candidate facing charges

Amazing what sleeping on a problem will do. Yesterday the Conservatives were sticking with Derek Globe and Mail B.C. Tory candidate faces charges of smuggling.

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