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Monday, January 30, 2006

Which way you going Canada (Billy)

Can I go too?

Now I know why Canadian voters acted as they did on Election day.

Who ordered all those signs anyway?

Its a wonder sometimes that we get anywhere!

The New Parliament will sit later this spring and the Conservatives will try to steer their way through a pretty interesting and likely different road than the one they set out to take.

You can expect them to steer to the middle of the road during most of their first year or so. It is the the sweetener they will add to your gruel. "see we are not a monster under the bed"

Its safe to come out and play. Just remember, the Harper government is on a leash right now and they will not want to stay on it so they will do whatever it is to reassure us they will be a good puppy so we take it off.

Want to put a permanent leash on government, look at some of these reform proposals

End abuses in the appointment of other public officials by:
Converting more Governor-in-Council (GIC) appointments to normal public service positions.
Establishing an independent advisory committee to develop criteria for GIC appointments and to act as a central clearing house for appointment recommendations to the Prime Minister and responsible Ministers. Requiring approval by Parliamentary Committees of appointments of senior officers and board members of government agencies and Crown Corporations.

Freedom-of-information legislation by:
Extending the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act to Crown Corporations and agencies now excluded, including incorporated not-for-profit organizations that receive at least two-thirds of their funding from the federal government.
  • Making cabinet ministers and their staff subject to the Act.
    Removing unreasonable financial and time barriers to access.
    Specifying which cabinet records must be disclosed or not disclosed.
    Improving public access to third-party contracts and free access to public opinion polling.

Pass a new Protection of Whistleblowers Act, applicable to both the private and public sectors that:

Provides legal protection from reprisal for those who disclose wrongdoing internally or externally, including imposing fines and jail sentences against individuals who engage in reprisals.

Establishes a whistleblower officer selected by, and reporting to Parliament who has broad powers of investigation and reporting.

Pass a new Accountability to the Electorate Act

This makes MPs accountable to their electors when they switch parties. This will require MPs to resign their seats and seek election again if they want to switch parties, or to join a party after being elected as independents. Members would, however, be permitted to leave their parties and sit as independents without triggering a by-election.

Pass a new Fixed Elections Act
End the power of the governing party to control election timing by establishing fixed election dates.

Pass a new Leadership Accountability Act
to shed the bright light of accountability onto party leadership contests. Pass laws to put strict spending caps on party leadership contests to keep them fair, democratic and free of corruption.

Introduce an Every Vote Counts Act
Change Canada's federal electoral system to a mixed electoral system that combines constituency-based MPs with proportional representation.

You can see the whole package here.

Poppy Family - Which way you going Billy?


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