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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Same-sad values

Can you spot a Liberal in a crowd of Social Conservatives ...

Paul Martin has been calling on progressive voters to join his team. We must join together to Keep the scary Social Conservatives of Stephen Harper out...
"Martin, trying to persuade voters that Harper is an extremist who would clamp down on personal freedoms such as gay marriage and abortion, has been by hit the inability of his own legislators and allies to stay on message.

Minutes after he spoke in Oshawa, local Liberal candidate Judi Longfield told reporters she would vote against gay marriage if Parliament decided to reconsider the matter. She also said she disagreed with Martin's promise to alter the constitution to make it impossible for Parliament to overturn decisions by the Supreme Court on freedoms such as gay marriage and abortion."
- By David Ljunggren, Dose January 19, 2006

Presumedly so she could vote to use the notwithstanding clause to stop same-sex marriage.

As a gay man I resent Martin suggesting that gay marriage could disappear if Harper becomes Prime Minister, because he has all those "scary dudes" on his team. Martin has signed off on the nomination papers of people that hold the same-sad values he is supposedly campaigning against.

What are the values in the Charter that the Right Honourable Prime Minister Martin stands for? Would he sign off on someone that advocated removing Freedom of Religion from the Charter or the law? We all know he would not and most of us would agree.

Martin is saying to the gay community the Liberal party will protect your rights. He is saying to all Canadians, if you support equality, if you are a progressive, vote for the Liberal candidate to stop the Harper Conservatives.

Who do progressive people in vote for in Oshawa, Liberal Judi Longfield? The same question can be asked in Mississauga Streetsville where Wajid Khan shares the same-sad values as Mr. Harper and Liberal Ms Longfield?

Mr. Martin should tell us very clearly which of his Liberal candidates hold progressive values. How many newly elected and re-elected Liberals will vote the same-sad values of Harper and his team.

How can this man continue to tell the biggest lie of this campaign? Martin is a hypocrite. I can't say it any plainer than that.

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