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Sunday, January 15, 2006

WOWSER... Like we did not expect this…

WOWSER... Like we did not expect this…

“It is hard to endorse him and his party unreservedly. We worry about his seeming indifference to the need for a strong central government in a country so replete with runaway centrifugal forces. We worry about him teaming up with the Bloc Québécois to weaken the federal government's tax-raising capacity and its advocacy of national programs. We worry that he might have to strike retrograde compromises with social conservatives in the party's midst. We worry that he may prove heavy-handed in wielding the considerable powers of a prime minister.” - Globe and Mail Editorial, January 15, 2005, Three reasons why it's time for a change

Seems the Globe and Mail is worried a Prime Minister will reduce its taxing ability. That a Conservative Stephen Harper will work closely with The BLOC to end federal programs. Did any of you laugh when you read that? Seems to me this is another good reason to elect more of these guys.

Of course Stephen Harper will do that. The Globe could have done a better service to the readers by not endorsing anyone.

Watch for the National Post, Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald, and others to jump on board the Conservative team.

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